First Visit

What do I need to do before my pet is arrives at the Animal Surgical Center of Michigan for the first consultation?

Be sure to bring the radiographs (x-rays) that may have been made of your pet, a summary of your pet’s medical record, and laboratory test results to the initial consultation.

What will happen on the day of the consultation?

Your pet will receive an examination by the surgeon and may have additional tests performed. The surgeon will discuss the treatment options. If possible, we will recommend a minimally invasive surgery to reduce your pet’s pain and recovery time.

How do I prepare my pet for the consultation?

Be sure to fast your pet starting at midnight on the day before the visit with us, however, water does not need to be with held. If your pet is diabetic, give only ½ of the normal dose of insulin on the morning of the consultation.

What services does the Animal Surgical Center of Michigan not provide?

We do not provide routine services such as vaccinations and dental cleanings. We do not treat non life-threatening nonsurgical issues and will refer your pet back to the primary care veterinary to treat such conditions. Ongoing treatment of chronic diseases are also are treated by the primary care veterinarian.