Stifle (knee) Arthroscopy

Key Points

Arthoscopy is a minimally invasive way to do surgery on joints

This technique can be used as a tool to diagnose a problem of a joint when other noninvasive tests are inconclusive

A surgeon can more thoroughly examine a joint and more acurately treat the problem

The patient has less pain and will recover quicker than with traditional surgery


Below are arthroscopic photos of problems inside stifle joints

  • Below is a partially torn cruciate ligament

  • Below, the partially torn cruciate ligament is being removed with an arthroscopic shaver

  • Below is a normal caudal cruciate ligament

  • Below is a normal lateral meniscus and frayed fibers of the torn cruciate ligament

  • Below is a torn meniscus – note the large band of white tissue , which is the caudal horn of the meniscus; this horn of the meniscus must be removed

  • Below is a torn meniscus which is less displaced than the photo above

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