Elbow Arthroscopy

Key Points

Arthoscopy is a minimally invasive way to do surgery on joints

This technique can be used as a tool to diagnose a problem of a joint when other noninvasive tests are inconclusive

A surgeon can more thoroughly examine a joint and more acurately treat the problem

The patient has less pain and will recover quicker than with traditional surgery


Below are arthroscopic photos of problems inside elbow joints; for more info click here

  • Below is a wear lesion on the ulna from a loose piece of bone called a fragmented coronoid process

  • Below is a fragmented coronoid process (FCP)

  • Below is an arthroscopic shaver that is used to remove the FCP

  • Below is an osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) lesion (pink area) on the medial condyle of the humerus

  • Below left is an ununited anconeal process – note the reddened border of the loose bony chunk
  • Below right is a normal anconeal process





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